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Original artwork & prints available on ebay & etsy stores

Prints & related products available on


Painting Online Group Session on Zoom : $30 per person 

Saturday 2pm to 3pm   




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Personalized Art Therapy Session on Zoom : $80 per person for 60 mins 

Choose any one unresolved issue that needs healing 


Bring your family/friends (Private group of up to 5 people) : $250 for 60 mins


No prior experience/special supplies required 


Commission your choice of artwork 


Additional 25% 

based on the sizes/frames listed on the Art Gallery


Contact us directly

Business Collaborations


Partner with us to leverage your business on our different creative streams 


Contact us directly


Indian Cooking Online Group Session on Zoom : $30 per person 

Saturday 11am to 12pm   



Motivational Talk Online Group Session on Zoom : $30 per person 

Saturday 5 to 6pm   



Book available on worldwide


Kindle : $2.99 

Paperback : $5.99 


Book available on worldwide


Kindle : $2.99 

Paperback : $5.99

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Book available on worldwide 


Kindle : $2.99 

Paperback : $5.99


Book available on worldwide 

Kindle : $2.99

Paperback : $6.99

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Hindi Poetry in CD format available on : $10.99

From Our Kind Patrons 

Alison K.

Seema!!! I received the artwork today. So so so cute! Love your work. Thank you so much for the quick ship. I will keep shopping with you!

Sean S.

We love your work! My wife, as I said, is a healer and works with energy. I am an artist and art teacher.  Good luck with this and keep creating those beautiful works!

Judith N.

This is a treasure!!! Thank you!!! ❤️🐈❤️ Gorgeous cat, LOVE it!!!!!

PERFECT!!! 🤗 Love this delightful cat painting !!!!! Makes me happy !!! ❤️

Beautiful paintings & beautiful writings - I read multiple sections of each book which stirred my heart by its truth. 

A feast for the eyes!

Love your color schemes! Paintings are beautiful!  

Lovely work Seema! I have been in a few of your inspiring workshops at Kent! - Liz O.

So glad to be able to share your classes and view this wonderful varied collection. Thank you Seema. - Diana

Wonderful exhibition Seema. Looking forward to your next art class. - Barbara

Wonderful exhibit! - Joan 

Great job - Griffin

I love your work so much, especially the Sunflowers!

Beautiful! I love your themes & color. Thank you.

Wonderful show - "Fabric of Life" was my favorite. "Enchanting Waters" was second. Please continue painting for us.  Great show! - Muriel W.

My colleague said everyone was raving about you- I'm not surprised! Thanks for everything, Seema. You're wonderful! - Marisa L.

Thank you Seema, for sharing your talent with us at the library. The artist's in today's class were beaming with joy when they left the library! So many of them stopped by the front desk to show us their paintings, and to say how much they enjoyed your program.  We hope to see you back again soon! - Kent Public Library FB post 

One of the best installations I've had.  You are a very dear couple- a joy to be with. The picture is sweet, thank you. - Connie D.

I've heard from my staff members and they said that everyone had a great time! I'm so happy to hear that and that everyone is interested in doing another workshop. Thank you so much, Seema for bringing your program to our library :) - Amanda A.

Your exhibit was beautiful and you were a lovely person to work with!  Thank you! - Pamela B.

Your journey in art is truly inspirational.  Many happy days drawing, painting, creating and sharing. - Kate C.

"The Quest" is my favorite. Wonderful vibrant paintings. - Mary N. 

Love the themes, the diversity and the warm explosion of color! - Estela R.

The vibrancy of color combinations and the abstraction of the work are beautiful! - Sonika G.

Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us at GPL. I am very proud of all your achievements. - Surekha S.

I had a wonderful time on your two classes and got inspired by your creativity. - Nalini J.

I wanted to thank you for sharing your books and cooking with me a few weeks ago.  I have started “The Leap Beyond”.  There seems to be such cross over between yogic philosophy and many other spiritual practices. I am enjoying your writing and thoughts. - Kate G.

Beautiful work - great colors. - Patty V

Love your color! Love the "Humming Birds". - Joan S.

I like your writings too. - Barbara L. 

The colors are so beautiful! A patron commented that it is the best show they have seen here. - Dede F.

Beautiful work. - Hannah Z., Ivan G.,  Kausik K, Daisy G.

Great work! - Antoinette T.

Very nice exhibition. Where do I get your books? - Manjula K. 

Ms. Varma works in acrylic on canvas. Her art is bold and colorful, traditional and innovative. It is tactile and immediate, drawing the viewer in to a world of color and texture. - Greenburgh Public Library 

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