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Life is not meant for you to suffer

​When I mingle in my social circle, I realize that people are suffering and have accepted it as a way of life. This is not what life is meant to be and this mindset can be changed. The first key thing would be for us to not enjoy knowingly or unknowingly, the negative attention that we get while narrating and living these miseries. We need to make a conscious effort to change this thinking and have an earnest desire to become happy.

The three practices which will transform our lives towards being happy are - mediation, charity and group prayer.

Our chatty mind worries and creates a reality which we completely dislike. Only meditation can stop that negative thought pattern and stops us from manifesting disastrous things. Human beings by nature want to help others. When we are able to help someone via charity, we feel good about ourselves. We feel useful and needed. It gives meaning to our lives. 
Prayer connects us with God which in turn connects us to our soul's purpose. The further away we are from that, the more miserable we feel. Group prayer facilitates connection to our soul and is even more powerful because it enables such positive vibrations to multiply.

Please try these practices in your own life one day at a time and watch yourself magically transform. You will be amazed at the miracles it unfolds. Wishing you happiness always.

True Abundance

Haven't we been in awe of someone who invites us to their massive mansion lined with luxury cars in their driveway, flashing their diamonds, etc. And we have thought to ourselves - this is what good life is all about and only if we could be where they are - we would be so happy!

Don't fret my dear friends, there is more to the rich man's story which you do not know. When we buy a house we want to be happy living in it, we buy a car so we can be happy driving it, we buy diamonds so we can be happy wearing it, etc. Wealth is only important until you acquire it and loses its charm as soon as you get it. We then move on to buy the next thing and then the next thing and the buying spree never ends. This unending thirst creates a very tiring cycle. Such people are only connected to the illusion of happiness and greatness and never experience true abundance.

As we are all connected, true happiness comes in helping others. Human beings by their inner nature want to help others. There are innumerable number of people who have realized this. Whatever you give to others comes back to you a thousand fold. Give others “the very best” so “the very best” will come back to you. This is the mantra for abundance to grow. Have a blessed life!

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