Our Team


Ajay Varma provides operational support for exhibits, workshops and art shows. He provides IT consultation and new initiative implementation for Saral Seva Trust. His responsibilities includes proof-reading, editorial support for publications, framing and hanging artwork. Ajay works in engineering management for a communications and media company.

Shawn Varma provides digital media support. He works as an engineer for a medical device company and is also pursuing his Master in Mechanical Engineering.

Alec Varma provides proof reading for publications. He is currently an Undergraduate Computer Science student.

Reason Behind Saral Seva Trust ( SST )

The idea behind SST is to empower people - one person at a time. The ones who have achieved success in the physical world and are now seeking food for their soul are our primary audience. All curious souls who question on how to overcome and heal their day to day issues are welcome. A simple thought, an idea or knowledge can change anyone’s perspective. They can then transform themselves to their full potential. 


Our books and motivational talks are tools which offer a very simplistic approach to resolving issues around our lives. Our soul seeks beauty.  Hence, the original paintings which we sell create a harmonious environment around themselves and pleases the onlooker. The money from the sale helps less fortunate among us. The art workshops which we conduct are a way to encourage everyone to embrace art. The simplistic approach is easy for anyone to follow. These create a very relaxing environment helping participants follow mindfulness. Seeing the benefits of a positive mindset, people start to manifest their desires more easily.

The cooking recipes are keeping in mind that only a healthy body can sustain a healthy mind. Benefits of a vegetarian diet with the use of spices to enhance the flavors is extremely good for health.

For anyone who understand the Hindi language, there are hymns in the praise of God. Music being the language of the Universe is soothing to the ears. There are some poems describing the harsh realities of this world which others can easily relate to.

I have named it after my mom -

Mrs. Sarla Kapur. She was a High School Principal and helped shape many lives. A woman of strong moral character who was an inspiration for me. With her passing in 2017, I did not want the love in my heart for her to end with her. So, I try to share it around me and feel very fortunate to receive it back. Both my Mom and Dad - Mr. Balraj Kapur have been my guiding angels throughout on this path.

I am grateful to all those who have been with me in this journey. Thank you and God bless.

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Each one of us is responsible to help the needy

Email : thewisewings@yahoo.com​

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